Asset Forfeiture Laws in Medellin Colombia

What can you expect if involved in an asset forfeiture process in Colombia

Basically what you can expect if you find yourself involved in a legal process involving asset forfeiture laws in Colombia, is an uphill battle against the government. That is not to say, that it is a losing battle. Law 1708 of 2014, which is the statute that covers property forfeiture in Colombia, is very clear on when, why and how it can be applied. By reading it, you can also understand the consequences of losing such a process.

This law is very strict, so people who find their assets involved in this type of legal process can expect to have to fight tooth and nail to recover or maintain their assets and/or property. The best advice is to hire an attorney who has been involved in this type of cases before.

In order to be successful in these types of cases, the owner has to unlink his or her property and/or assets from any of the activities they are presumed to have been involved in. This means that it is important to have a good legal strategy in place and a lot of beneficial evidence to go with it.

How asset forfeiture laws work in Medellin

Attorney Experienced in Asset Forfeiture laws in ColombiaAlthough in general people are innocent until proven guilty, that is not the case with asset forfeiture laws in Colombia. This is mainly due to the fact that the process is not directed at the owner per se, but at the assets, so freedom is not at stake. Moreover, even if though this type of process is somewhat related or can be related to a criminal process, it is independent from it. That is why, proper legal advice and representation are very important to be successful in these types of legal procedures.

An experienced lawyer knows what it takes to be successful when defending someone`s assets and/or property. A defense attorney must plan his or her legal strategy focused on demonstrating that there is no link between the assets and any type of criminal conduct. Also, he or she must proof that the owners acquired and have exercised their rights over the assets in good faith.

With all this in mind, it is very important to have the right lawyer who can provide excellent legal advice and representation, based on experience and details of each specific case.

Consult with an Expert in Asset Forfeiture Laws in Colombia

Do not trust your legal situation to just any lawyer in Colombia. Make sure you get the advice and legal representation of experienced asset forfeiture lawyers, when facing this type of procedures. You can consult with us in English if you find yourself involved in a legal process of this kind.  We can help you with any process involving asset forfeiture laws in Colombia and any other criminal case. Our team of experienced attorneys is available to help you anywhere in the country.

Throughout the years since the enactment of this law, our team has been very successful in quite a few cases of this type. However, it is important to know that every case is different and there is no way to guarantee results. If you or someone close finds themselves involved in these types of legal procedures, it is important to get specific legal advice ASAP. That is why, we recommend consulting our team at once and getting specific legal advice for the situation. You don`t have to call us but we are one of the best options in cases involving asset forfeiture laws in Colombia.

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