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In Medellin is a directory of articles and information on Colombian businesses and activities.  We pride ourselves in publishing only good quality content to better inform potential visitors or investors in Colombia.  If you have information about your business, town or any topic of interest to Colombia visitors, please contact us and we’ll take a look at it.  If we use it, we’ll obviously mention who provided the content.

If you would like to send us information about your business, product or services.  We will gladly take a look at it and share it on this directory with your contact info or website to let everyone know about it.

We hope our visitors find the information contained in this directory useful and share it with their contacts using the share buttons on it.  We apologize for the advertising banners in this blog, but that’s really how we pay the bills.  If you find them a little too much please share your comments on how we can improve this blog for your benefit.

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